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In general I've written reviews of every book I've read since I joined GoodReads (RIP) in May 08, along with one or two I read prior to that. More recent reviews tend to be longer (sometimes a tad too long?). I always carry a book, though I don't get as much time as I'd like to get engrossed - life is busy, but in a good way. Too many of my favourite authors died without writing enough! Apart from reading, and writing about reading, I enjoy Scrabble, good restaurants, woodland, and attending the theatre.
May Contain Nuts - John O'Farrell A comedy about urban Guardianista competitive parenting, in particular, the lengths some will go to to ensure admission to a good senior school. Ludicrously implausible aspects of the plot, coupled with basic errors (you don't sit the 11+ when you are 11 years old, but to determine where you transfer to once you are that old), but a few of the caricatures are mildly amusing and it's a very quick read.

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