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In general I've written reviews of every book I've read since I joined GoodReads (RIP) in May 08, along with one or two I read prior to that. More recent reviews tend to be longer (sometimes a tad too long?). I always carry a book, though I don't get as much time as I'd like to get engrossed - life is busy, but in a good way. Too many of my favourite authors died without writing enough! Apart from reading, and writing about reading, I enjoy Scrabble, good restaurants, woodland, and attending the theatre.
Framley Parsonage - Anthony Trollope The 4th Barchester novel, mainly re the vicar Mark Robarts, but also Proudies, Grantlys, Greshams, Dr Thorne and Miss Dunstable. A less pleasant read in some ways because you know Mark is doomed (in the medium term, even though he is probably rescued at the end), can see it all coming and wish he did too. Aspects of the plot are too similar to the immediately preceding Barchester (titled young man possibly marrying beneath him). Too much financial detail at times (though necessary for the plot) and too much general pontificating about politics at times (less necessary - eg all the stuff about Titians and giants (and what's the difference?)).

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